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    Though we've had our work featured by Martha Stewart Weddings, The Knot, Washingtonian Bride & Groom, and Baltimore Bride to name a few, our proudest accomplishments are becoming real life friends with many of our brides, maintaining happy marriages and raising 5 (really cute) kids collectively...all at the same time.

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Yelena & Jose : Downtown Annapolis Wedding

Yelena & Jose’s wedding day was a huge celebration – of their love, their families, of all the people they care about being in one place from all over the world. The day was relaxed, non-traditional, fun and sincere…which was expected since Yelena & Jose are all of those things!

We arrived at Governor Calvert House in Annapolis to a ridiculously dreamy Casablanca Couture dress! Everything about Yelena’s look was simple and pretty.

Annapolis wedding photographer 001
Annapolis wedding photographer 002
Annapolis wedding photographer 003
Annapolis wedding photographer 004
Annapolis wedding photographer 005
Annapolis wedding photographer 006
Annapolis wedding photographer 007
Now THAT’s a bride!
Annapolis wedding photographer 008
Annapolis wedding photographer 009
Annapolis wedding photographer 010
Annapolis wedding photographer 011
Annapolis wedding photographer 012
Yelena & Jose did their First Glance on the grounds of the State House and it was perfect.
Annapolis wedding photographer 013
Annapolis wedding photographer 014
Annapolis wedding photographer 015
Annapolis wedding photographer 016
Annapolis wedding photographer 017
It was the perfect day for portraits around State Circle!
Annapolis wedding photographer 018
Annapolis wedding photographer 019
Annapolis wedding photographer 020
Annapolis wedding photographer 021
Annapolis wedding photographer 022
Getting hitched:
Annapolis wedding photographer 023
Annapolis wedding photographer 024
The reception was lovely and intimate (and included an ice cream cart!).
Annapolis wedding photographer 025
Annapolis wedding photographer 026
Annapolis wedding photographer 027
Annapolis wedding photographer 028
We snuck out at the end of the night to grab a couple of night shots:
Annapolis wedding photographer 029
Annapolis wedding photographer 030
To see more of Yelena & Jose’s Annapolis wedding, click here for the slideshow! Yelena & Jose, thank you for having us at your wedding and being so much fun! Blessings to you!


Jose & Cielo Barbosa - Gracefully captured by Andrea & Renata; those photos not only represent the union of Jose and Yelena, but the union of the rich cultural diversity celebrating their blessing! Dios los bendiga!! MOM & DAD

Todd and Erica Katz - These pictures capture the mystique known as Joselena! We especially love the one where you sneak off to a dark alley way to steal a romantic moment. What a great wedding with great friends!

Lucie Roy - Wow! So many great pictures trying to capture the uncapturable emotions of the big day! The last one in the alleyway has a little something special about it that we both really liked. Congrats again!!
- Lucie & Martin

Miriam E. Menacherry - These photo’s are stunning and absolutely capture the love between two wonderful people! You guys look so glamorous!

Karnav - These pics are stunning. You guys look so happy . As others have noted, that wedding dress in all its poofy glory, is amazing! Jose good job holding your own against that. It was the bowtie. Loved every minute of this wedding. Congrats again!

Thomson Thomas - We were so happy to share in your special day! Awesome photos guys!

Morgan - Truly spectacular! What an amazing couple and an amazing day to remember always.

Lyudmila Poklad - Gorgeous photos of the Perfect couple! Wish you a long lasting love and happiness.

Jose Barbosa - Amazing shots! Memories that will truly last us a lifetime. Thank you Andrea and Renata!

Lisa - The mid-air shot captures the sentiments of your wedding day – pure excitement and joy! We love you guys and will never forget your special day!

Emily - These pictures are amazing. You two are so darn cute. Looks like fun was had by all!

Anna - Amazing ceremony, intimate setting. Thanks for sharing. We loved every minute of it.

Natalie - YAY!!! I recognize that gorgeous bride’s name! So exciting! Oh my goodness! You knocked it out of the park! Such a spectacular wedding, such an incredible couple!

Dmitry Gendelman - What an awesome day! Thanks to JnY for including us in their ceremony, it was truly an honor to be witnesses. Perfect venue, perfect day, perfect couple!! We love you two and cant wait to celebrate many more years as a family. Plus, we need a trip to PR!!

With Love,

Dmitry, Monica, and Jozi

Caitlin - omg…that first look. and her bridal portraits!! all of these are amazing!!

Anonymous - The photographer captured it! The love and beauty inside both of you! Great shots! Glamorous!

Madison Short - These are so stunning! And her dress is to die for!

Sara - I loved everything about the wedding, and I love you guys! My favorite picture is the “dancing” kiss! Congratulations again!

Kat - Her dress is stunning and so perfect for her! Beautiful work.

Renee - This wedding is stunning!!! What a beautiful, classic wedding!

Lauren C - What beautifully classic bridal portraits!! And ummm seriously that jumping shot…..EPIC!!!

Monica Gendelman - Everything about this is perfect! The pictures came out amazing. Love you guys to pieces!!

Paula - These photos are both lovely and inspiring! Congrats Yelena and Jose!

Dani - I can feel their happiness oozing out of these photos. I love how you captured truly genuine moments. And can we talk about that reception dress?? Gorgeous!

Erik & Lourdes Santana - Those are some really awesome pictures. I see you guys had a blast. Congratulations!!

Christine Wang Hsu - Gorgeous photos & GORGEOUS couple!!! It was the PERFECT day and so beautifully captured!!! JnY, love you both!

Jonathan Hsu - Wow. Great job photogs and wonderful job capturing the grace and lightness of the event. Yelena you look so stunning and poofy in that dress! Love it! And José, I didn’t realize you had purple suspenders! What a handsome husband! Great wedding!

Yelena Barbosa - Wow … absolutely gorgeous! Thank you Andrea & Renata! I smile every time I look through the pictures :) What an amazing day that was shared with with family and friends and captured in the most beautiful way!

Tara - LOVE how you captured their sweet day!

Linda & Teelo : Bethany Beach Wedding

Linda & Teelo’s wedding day was a true honor to photograph! They kept the celebration intimate, only their closest friends and family, barefoot on the beach, relaxing in a beach house, just being together. The day was sweet, laid back and truly, truly a celebration of Linda & Teelo’s love!

Linda & Teelo rented two houses for their guests to stay in and we when arrived at Linda’s, this Provonias gown was waiting in addition to some other lovely details:

Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer 001
Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer 002
Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer 003
Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer 004
Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer 005

Linda’s mom helped her into her gown:

Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer 006
Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer 007

Renata got to hang out bayside with Teelo and his best man.

Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer 008
Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer 009
Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer 010
Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer 011
Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer 017
Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer 012

Linda & Teelo’s First Glance was honestly one of the sweetest we’ve ever experienced!

Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer 013
Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer 014
Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer 015
Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer 016
Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer 018
Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer 019
Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer 020
Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer 021
Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer 022
Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer 023

The ceremony was right on the beach:

Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer 024
Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer 025
Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer 026
Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer 027
Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer 028
Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer 029
Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer 030

The celebration continued with cocktails and dinner on the deck of one of their beach houses:

Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer 031
Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer 032
Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer 033
Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer 034
Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer 035
Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer 036
Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer 037

The evening was filled with sincere words and well wishes and many toasts.

Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer 038
Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer 039
Eastern Shore Wedding Photographer 040

To see more of Linda & Teelo’s beach wedding day, click here for the slideshow!

Linda & Teelo, can’t wait to celebrate with you again this weekend! Thank you for having us in Bethany Beach!


Beckie Walker Mihelcic-Chapman - These picture capture perfectly what a wonderful, magical day it was!!

Kate Ann - These images are beautiful! Great job you two!!

Emily - I love the simplicity of how you shot the details, and also the perfectly sunny/cloudy day! Beautiful wedding and photos.

Mary Anne McCaffrey Rutledge - More pictures from the wedding. Can’t help myself.

Kat - That first look is so precious. I’m so glad they had this captured!

Renee - Those details are stunning!

Natalie - YES!!! This wedding is incredible, ladies!!! Beautiful!!

Dani - So pretty!! I love the portraits of just her on the beach – they are so simple and relaxed and totally classic. It looks so happy!!

Brea - Beautiful work! That last shot is stunning, and so many great photos of the couple!

Ali & Ben : Southern Maryland Engagement

Ali & Ben’s engagement session was the perfect way to kick off the fall season! Gorgeous weather, golden sun, a rustic barn and a sweet couple: the best! We photographed Ali & Ben around her parents’ property in Southern Maryland, which proved to be lovely.

MD Farm engagement 0001
MD Farm engagement 0002
MD Farm engagement 0003
MD Farm engagement 0004

We love a cute ampersand!

MD Farm engagement 0005
MD Farm engagement 0006
MD Farm engagement 0007
MD Farm engagement 0008
MD Farm engagement 0009
MD Farm engagement 0010
MD Farm engagement 0011
MD Farm engagement 0012
MD Farm engagement 0013
MD Farm engagement 0014

Work it, girl.

MD Farm engagement 0015

Had to throw a little camo in there:)

MD Farm engagement 0016
MD Farm engagement 0017

Ali & Ben, we had a great time riding around with you:)Can’t wait for your wedding!


Lisa Garner - Beautiful Pics.

Ali Buddenbohn - Omg in love with all your pictures Ali

Adrianne Kiara - Congrats Ali! The pictures came out great.

Amber Christine - These are perfect Ali ❤ congrats!(:

Andrea Everett - Awesome pictures

Kathy Whitely-Shooks - Beautiful pictures of beautiful people. Still can’t believe you are all grown up. Love the camo pictures too they are awesome.

Dorothy Davis Whitely - OMG! Greatest pictures ever. Can’t believe my baby girl is getting married,

Kristen White - Really cute pics!

JennaMike Vermillion - Very cute!! Congrats again!!

Marie Mobley - Beautiful!!!!

Ridge Rhonnie - Beautiful pictures girl!

Jenny Dupree - Omg I love it!!! I’m so proud of Ben!

Jess Sanders - So sweet!!

Kaitlin Western - Very pretty! Love the camo pictures :)

Carol Marie Hall - Beautiful pictures. I can’t believe u got a half smile out of Ben. The camo surprised me for just a second. Love all of them.

Tara - What a beautiful property! Gorgeous work as always!

Brenda Seger - Beautiful! Sadly, I really like the camo.

Michelle Wyvill - Gorgeous!! Absolutely beautiful!

Yelena & Jose : Annapolis Engagement

The first time we spoke with Yelena & Jose, our first impression was that they were fun. The first time we met them at their engagement session, that proved to be very true! Both fun-loving, relaxed and in love, Yelena & Jose brought so many ideas to their session and we had such a great time shooting them around Annapolis!

We started at The Annapolis Bookstore in their whimisical, cozy outdoor space.

Annapolis engagement session 0001
Annapolis engagement session 0002
Annapolis engagement session 0003
Annapolis engagement session 0004
Annapolis engagement session 0005
Annapolis engagement session 0006
Annapolis engagement session 0007
Annapolis engagement session 0008
Annapolis engagement session 0009
Annapolis engagement session 0010

When balloons are present, this shot is necessary:)

Annapolis engagement session 0011
Annapolis engagement session 0012
Annapolis engagement session 0013
Annapolis engagement session 0014
Annapolis engagement session 0015

We finished the evening perfectly with ice cream and coffee!

Annapolis engagement session 0016
Annapolis engagement session 0017

Yelena & Jose, we can’t wait to celebrate with you! See you soon!


Peggy - Lovely pictures, lovely couple. I am very happy for the both of you!!

Anna Marie Arpasi - What a fun session! Love all the cute interactions!

Kaitlyn & Bryan : Southern Maryland Wedding

It was easy to see how family, tradition and circumstances were in Kaitlyn & Bryan’s favor when they wed. On June 28, Kaitlyn & Bryan said their “I do’s” on the exact same day each set of their parents did many years before in the exact same church that Kaitlyn’s parents and grandparents had married in. Their day was a sweet celebration of a new family beginning; a showcase of the beauty of the past affecting the present.


Third generation getting married at this altar:


We were fortunate enough to take photographs at a nearby farm and on a beautiful day to boot!


Kaitlyn & Bryan’s reception at The Hall at Huntingtown was decked out beautifully by Serendipity Bridal & Events.


To see more from their wedding, click here for the slideshow!

Kaitlyn & Bryan, we wish you so, so much happiness! Thanks for having us!


L. Savage - What a gorgeous wedding!!!

Brittany Caruso - cannot stop looking at the pics and showing everyone! It was a perfect day, captured just as perfectly!

Bryan - Couldn’t have asked for any better pictures! Thanks so much and I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos!

Cheryl Edelen - Our family was so glad that the day was beautiful and the wedding party could come down to our home, At Last Farm, for pictures. I thought the photographers were extremely professional and the pictures turned out great! Congratulations to all involved.

Liz Moran Capone - Sorry I couldn’t be there for your special day, but these amazing pictures give me a great idea of how memorable the day was. You look so elegant ! Love how the pictures show all of the wonderful details – beautiful event, gorgeous couple, fabulous pictures!

Kathleen Wilcox - SO Beautiful!

Patsy J Dalton - this was as close to a story wedding that you will ever get to. I love you kaitlyn& bryan. you are the best. I have never seen such a beautiful wedding. I will always rem it

David Akers - Incredible pictures! Great memories of a perfect day!

Kristen Baine Jones - Absolutely beautiful pictures Kaitlyn

Bobby Jones - Very nice!

Cherry and Owen Torguson - What beautiful wedding photos! You make a lovely bride and groom.

Karen Rosendorf - These pictures are beautiful!!!!!

Kaitlyn Akers - These are so amazing! I couldn’t have picked two better photographers!

Kaley Miller Patria - I love all the pink!!

Roger & Charlene - The bride and groom look so happy. The wedding was beautiful and the pictures are gorgeous… So glad to be a part of your special day !!

Joycelyn Dalton - It was a wonderful day! The pictures are beautiful.

Joycelyn Dalton

Brittany Caruso - Absolutely perfect! Perfect day all around! Love these pics!!!!!

Tara - That cake! And gorgeous photos! :)