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    We are Andrea & Renata, a pair of best friends who strive to create fresh images and fun experiences for the people who invite us into their stories. We met our freshman year of high school and our friendship has grown over the past 14 years, 6 of those photographing weddings together. We photographed our first wedding in 2008, on Valentine's weekend, and since then it's been our privilege to capture over 100 weddings and engagement sessions.

    Though we've had our work featured by Martha Stewart Weddings, The Knot, Washingtonian Bride & Groom, and Baltimore Bride to name a few, our proudest accomplishments are becoming real life friends with many of our brides, maintaining happy marriages and raising 5 (really cute) kids collectively...all at the same time.

    We truly believe that we've found our niche in the world with wedding photography. We're so grateful to our clients for allowing us the opportunity to grow legacies, theirs and ours.

    Our blog is the place where we share recent weddings and sessions, features, vendor friends and our lives. Feel free to look around and visit our main website for more information. Thanks for joining us on this little adventure we're so blessed to be a part of.

    Andrea & Renata

A Big Announcement!

We are so completely excited to share the news with you that Andrea & Renata and Tara Peddicord Photography will both be undergoing some big change! It is change that we have all discussed and prayed over, we’ve shared in excitement and felt peace about it, and probably even shed just a few tears about it. Andrea will be stepping away from photography completely, except of course for her beloved husband and two girls who will always be in front of her camera! Renata will continue as a wedding photographer, and what’s so exciting is she will be joining businesses with Tara!

 Before Andrea, Renata or Tara were ever photographers, we were friends. Over the last few months, the three of us have spent so much time thinking and praying over decisions we would make individually and together for our businesses. And the timing couldn’t be more perfect for each of us. That being said, it is of course a bittersweet time as well. Andrea and Renata have been in business together for 7 years. They’ve shot over 100 weddings collectively and built an amazing photography business alongside one another. It’s a beautiful partnership that is hard to say goodbye to, but the truth is, it feels so right to both of them. Tara started her business on her own nearly 4 years ago with a big dream and a lot of support and encouragement from many, including Andrea and Renata. The three of us have even had opportunities over the last 4 years to photograph a few weddings together.


Andrea is excited to photograph the weddings and engagements they have booked now through part of 2016. She is equally excited to start this next chapter of life with her family, as she feels led to let go of her career in photography. Just over a month ago, Tara welcomed her first baby into the world, and with that of course comes much change. She is excited to continue her business as her family grows, and partnering with Renata is such a blessing. Tara will continue her photography as usual, and starting in 2016 will work with Renata more and more, as the two will officially begin booking all weddings together! Andrea couldn’t be more thrilled for Tara and Renata, and is excited to see these two friends build and grow their own business. It’s a big change for everyone but there is an overwhelming sense of peace and joy shared between the three of us! There are few people you feel comfortable sharing life and business with, and we feel that way about one another. Over the next weeks, we will be making changes and Tara and Renata will launch their business. This means a new website and everything! This doesn’t of course change anything for our existing clients, and what it means for the future as Tara and Renata join together, is simply continued commitment to caring for our clients well, a great sense of integrity and pride in our work, and a promise to create fresh, fun, and enduring images as we document stories of love. We can’t wait to share more with you and have you share in our excitement on this journey!



Jennifer Keyton - Oh my gosh, this is amazing.

Amie & Nick : Southern Maryland Wedding

Amie & Nick married on the gorgeous grounds of a family friend (who just happens to be an Admiral residing on the Naval Air Station on the Patuxent) and it was a great day! Beautiful details, true celebration, two people in love starting their family. So much love!

MD Wedding photographer 0001
MD Wedding photographer 0002

Amie’s dress was so unique and beautiful!

MD Wedding photographer 0003
MD Wedding photographer 0004

Some mother/daughter time:

MD Wedding photographer 0005
MD Wedding photographer 0006

Wearing her grandmother’s pearls…

MD Wedding photographer 0007
MD Wedding photographer 0008

Amie & Nick decided on a First Glance and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

MD Wedding photographer 0009
MD Wedding photographer 0010

The grounds were perfect for photos!

MD Wedding photographer 0011
MD Wedding photographer 0012
MD Wedding photographer 0013
MD Wedding photographer 0014
MD Wedding photographer 0015
MD Wedding photographer 0016
MD Wedding photographer 0017
MD Wedding photographer 0018
MD Wedding photographer 0019
MD Wedding photographer 0020
MD Wedding photographer 0021
MD Wedding photographer 0022
MD Wedding photographer 0023
MD Wedding photographer 0024
MD Wedding photographer 0025
MD Wedding photographer 0026

The reception was held under a tent and featured a whiskey bar!

MD Wedding photographer 0027
MD Wedding photographer 0028
MD Wedding photographer 0029
MD Wedding photographer 0030
MD Wedding photographer 0031
MD Wedding photographer 0032

We stole away at sunset for a few photographs by the water, swoon!

MD Wedding photographer 0033
MD Wedding photographer 0034
MD Wedding photographer 0035
MD Wedding photographer 0036
MD Wedding photographer 0037
MD Wedding photographer 0038

To see more of Amie & Nick’s wedding, click here for the slideshow!

Amie, Nick & family – thank you for having us! It was an honor!


Kat & Matt : Classic Annapolis Wedding

If an award for being the most excited on a wedding day existed, Kat & Matt would’ve swept the competition. The day was beautiful and Annapolis provided the perfect backdrop for their celebration.

Annapolis wedding photographer 0001
Annapolis wedding photographer 0002
Annapolis wedding photographer 0003
Annapolis wedding photographer 0004

Annapolis wedding photographer 0005

Being prayed for by her best friends:

Annapolis wedding photographer 0006
Annapolis wedding photographer 0007
Annapolis wedding photographer 0008
Annapolis wedding photographer 0009
Annapolis wedding photographer 0010
Annapolis wedding photographer 0011
Annapolis wedding photographer 0012

Kat & Matt wrote vows to read before the ceremony without seeing each other:

Annapolis wedding photographer 0013
Annapolis wedding photographer 0014
Annapolis wedding photographer 0015
Annapolis wedding photographer 0016

Annapolis wedding photographer 0017
Annapolis wedding photographer 0018

Annapolis wedding photographer 0019
Annapolis wedding photographer 0020
Annapolis wedding photographer 0021
Annapolis wedding photographer 0022
Annapolis wedding photographer 0023
Annapolis wedding photographer 0024
Annapolis wedding photographer 0025
Annapolis wedding photographer 0026
Annapolis wedding photographer 0027
Annapolis wedding photographer 0028
Annapolis wedding photographer 0029

The Governor Calvert House was perfect for their relaxed, fun reception:

Annapolis wedding photographer 0030
Annapolis wedding photographer 0031
Annapolis wedding photographer 0032
Annapolis wedding photographer 0033
Annapolis wedding photographer 0034
Annapolis wedding photographer 0035

Kat & Matt treated guests to Ted’s Bulletin pop tarts, mmm!

Annapolis wedding photographer 0036
Annapolis wedding photographer 0037

And, of course, the guys had to serenade Kat a la “Top Gun”:

Annapolis wedding photographer 0038

Annapolis wedding photographer 0039

To see more of Kat & Matt’s wedding, click here for the slideshow!

Kat & Matt, we are sad we won’t get to hang out more with you! Thank you a thousand times for picking us!


Jennifer & Dan : Georgetown Engagement

Jennifer & Dan’s engagement session couldn’t have been more perfect! From sharing ice cream to the Georgetown Canal to some spectacular night shots and a yellow umbrella – we had such a great time!

Georgetown Engagement Photographer 0001
Georgetown Engagement Photographer 0002
Georgetown Engagement Photographer 0003
Georgetown Engagement Photographer 0004

Getting some ice cream at Thomas Sweet was Jennifer & Dan’s idea!

Georgetown Engagement Photographer 0005
Georgetown Engagement Photographer 0006
Georgetown Engagement Photographer 0007
Georgetown Engagement Photographer 0008
Georgetown Engagement Photographer 0009
Georgetown Engagement Photographer 0010

We almost never get a chance to photograph couples at night, so when Jennifer suggested we try a middle-of-the-street shot, we had to try!

Georgetown Engagement Photographer 0011
Georgetown Engagement Photographer 0012
Georgetown Engagement Photographer 0013
Georgetown Engagement Photographer 0014

One to go down in the history books: the couple who requested to be photographed in the middle of a busy street AND under a fountain!

Georgetown Engagement Photographer 0015

Georgetown Engagement Photographer 0016

Jenn & Dan, thanks for your fun bravery! We loved spending time with you and can’t wait to photograph your wedding!


Christy & Matthew : Mosaic District Engagement

We had such a great time with Christy & Matthew, being shown around the Mosaic District, where they live. Even with a foot injury and sweltering humidity, these two were great sports and so obviously in love!

Fairfax engagement 0001
Fairfax engagement 0002
Fairfax engagement 0003
Fairfax engagement 0004
Fairfax engagement 0005

A rooftop lounge? Yes, please.

Fairfax engagement 0006
Fairfax engagement 0007
Fairfax engagement 0008
Fairfax engagement 0009
Fairfax engagement 0010
Fairfax engagement 0011
Fairfax engagement 0012
Fairfax engagement 0013
Fairfax engagement 0014

Christy & Matthew, thanks for being so fun! See you soon!


Kathy Mullin Craig - Sooooo beautiful!!!

Katy & Andy : Crofton Country Club Wedding

A beautiful day, good friends, loving family, a partner that loves you – what more could the perfect wedding have? Katy & Andy married on a lovely June day at her childhood church. The day was relaxed and great.

Crofton Country Club Wedding Photographer 0001
Crofton Country Club Wedding Photographer 0002
Crofton Country Club Wedding Photographer 0003
Crofton Country Club Wedding Photographer 0004
Crofton Country Club Wedding Photographer 0005
Crofton Country Club Wedding Photographer 0006
Crofton Country Club Wedding Photographer 0007
Crofton Country Club Wedding Photographer 0008
Crofton Country Club Wedding Photographer 0009
Crofton Country Club Wedding Photographer 0010

Andy’s reaction to seeing Katy for the first time that day:

Crofton Country Club Wedding Photographer 0011
Crofton Country Club Wedding Photographer 0012

We travelled to Crofton Country Club for all the portraits and the reception, which turned out to be perfect.

Crofton Country Club Wedding Photographer 0013
Crofton Country Club Wedding Photographer 0014
Crofton Country Club Wedding Photographer 0015
Crofton Country Club Wedding Photographer 0016
Crofton Country Club Wedding Photographer 0017
Crofton Country Club Wedding Photographer 0018
Crofton Country Club Wedding Photographer 0019
Crofton Country Club Wedding Photographer 0020
Crofton Country Club Wedding Photographer 0021
Crofton Country Club Wedding Photographer 0022
Crofton Country Club Wedding Photographer 0023
Crofton Country Club Wedding Photographer 0024
Crofton Country Club Wedding Photographer 0025
Crofton Country Club Wedding Photographer 0026

To see more from Katy & Andy’s wedding, click here for the slideshow!

Katy & Andy, thank you for having us! We loved celebrating with you!


Melissa & Will : Silver Swan Bayside Wedding

The most vivid memory I have of Melissa and Will on their wedding day perfectly sums up the feeling of the whole day: Melissa & Will were surprised by a live mariachi band at their reception and, as the band began to play, Melissa exclaimed happily to Will, “This is for us!” with a giant smile. The day truly was about celebrating a remarkable couple and it was as good as it sounds.

Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0001
Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0002
Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0003
Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0004
Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0005
Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0006
Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0007

Love this moment between Melissa & her mom!

Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0008
Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0009
Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0010
Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0011
Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0012
Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0013
Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0014
Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0015
Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0016
Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0017
Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0018
Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0019


Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0020
Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0021

Since we had a ton of time for pictures, Melissa & Will chose the Naval Academy grounds (Will’s alma mater!) for portraits and it was gorgeous!

Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0022
Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0023
Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0029
Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0024
Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0025
Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0026
Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0027
Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0028

Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0030
Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0031
Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0032

The reception was held at the Silver Swan Bayside and it was relaxed and lovely:

Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0033
Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0034
Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0035
Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0036
Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0037
Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0038

The mariachi band played as the sun went down!

Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0039
Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0040
Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0041
Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0042
Silver Swan Bayside Wedding 0043

To see more from Melissa & Will’s wedding, click here for the slideshow!

Melissa & Will, thank you for welcoming us like family! We had such a wonderful time celebrating with you!